Heat release

Manage the heat released by your nuclear waste containers on their storage or disposal sites.


Avoid overheating

Nuclear waste containers release more or less heat according to the activity and quantity of the waste they contain. Keeping control over this heat release is of key importance to avoid temperature increase risks at storage or disposal sites. Our solutions can determine heat flows generated by a waste container, regardless of its content.

  • Calorimetry

    It measures directly and in its globality the heat flows released by an object like a container. The calorimeters involved are able to characterize small size (up to 15 liters) to large size (up to 380 liters) containers.

  • Software

    Heat release measurements by calorimetry are programmed, recorded, and processed by our iQ software. It has a standard and an expert mode, to be both functional and versatile.

  • Automation

    For safety, ergonomics or measurement productivity reasons, quantification can be automated with conveyors, robots or cobots.

  • Integration in nuclear environments

    If specific handling constraints are required, the solutions can be adapted to be used in gloveboxes of hot cells.